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06/20/2018 01:55 AM

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Nephilim is a World of Warcraft 10 man guild that has been raiding since the release of Wrath of the Lich King(R). Many of our players have been playing since "vanilla" and have experience in many of the available raid content currently in the game. Nephilim strives to achieve first and foremost camaraderie between its members, a "tight" group of members. However we also strive to achieve excellence in the 10 man raid content progression. Nephilim refers to the heroes of old, the men and women whom here the leaders of their age, "They were the heroes of old, men of renown."
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Defenders of a Shattered World!
05/11/2011 08:46 AM by Broxen

Al Akir has been defeated! The Heroes of Old have triumphed once again!
The great wind could not hold back the determination of the Nephilim!
This makes us 12/12 normal modes; we now move on to HEROICS!


Nefarian, Son of Deathwing, defeated!
04/14/2011 09:21 AM by Broxen

Indeed, Nefarian has been defeated after 2 nights for attempts.
Extremely pleased with the results of Wednesdays
raid, the Nephilim are excited about the only boss left on our hit list, Al'Akir.
With huge bounds of success coming week by week, it seems that
nothing can stop the progress of the Heroes of Old. Nephilim now looks forward to future expansions
when we find yet another way to kill both Nefarian and Onyxia.

Hail Nephilim!


Cho'Gall go bye,bye (Yes defeated we are)!
03/31/2011 04:28 PM by Broxen

After a spending a few hours learning his mechanics, we have finally downed the Lord of the Twilight!
With a few added members and change in mechanics, we seemed to have no problems in learning the fight (However wiped we did many times within 2 hours)!
We are looking forward to fighting the last 2 bosses on our hit list (Yes, yes Nefarian and Al'Akir)!!!


Little bit of a Break
03/04/2011 10:54 PM by Frewdis

Hey guys, as most of you know we're on a slight break. We'll continue raiding on March 15th. We'll have Boomchree back, meta will be gone for a bit, and I'll be leading raids again after a long hiatus.
Meta will return after a while, but in the mean time, Broxen and I will be leading the guild. There have been a few changes, and Broxen and I will continue to tweak things with all of your help.

During the break we'll be pvping a bit, and having some fun, but be ready to come back full on and strong on the 15th. Make sure to sign up on the guild calendar!!

Thanks for being awesome!

Recruitment update while I'm here : We need at least ONE new dps. Preferably a boomkin, rogue, or an enhance shaman.
Let folks know to stop by here and apply if you think they'll be a good fit. Of course, we'll take any dps that is spectacular to fill that spot.


Chimaeron, Elemental Monstrosity, Atramedes.
02/14/2011 03:52 PM by Aubade

Alright so I've been slacking the past 2 weeks, so it's time to catch y'all up.

First of all, I've started making videos of our kills. So far I only have our Atramedes kill finished, although Magmaw is currently processing and I will be recording a few more interesting bosses this week.

Our youtube channel is www.youtube.com/users/Zackamabufoo

2 weeks (almost 3 O.o) ago we downed Chimaeron, with a PRO solo-kill by our very own shamystrasza.

Nabbed a Ss here.

Then we went on to kill the Elementium Monstrosity after a measly 4 attempts For our most recent kill last week.


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Bastion of Twilight, Atramedes.

01/20/2011 03:23 AM


01/18/2011 10:44 PM

First raid.

01/11/2011 10:22 PM


12/30/2010 09:24 PM

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